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Job Description: Collect cans, glass, & plastics for cash
Pay Scale:

Virtual Agent

Job Description: For over 30 years, SYKES has been in the business of creating and maintaining successful relationships between client companies and their customers.
Pay Scale:

Theme Park Opportunities

Job Description: Audition to be in live performance
Pay Scale:

Fish Farmer

Job Description: Raise fish in your backyard or in your home. Owners of local fish stores can tell you what sells well in their shop and how much they pay. It can be difficult to make much profit raising aquarium fish, unless you keep on top of trends.
Pay Scale:


Job Description: At iWriter, you'll be able to earn money by writing articles for other people.
Pay Scale:


Job Description: Teach your language in an exciting new country
Pay Scale:

Donate Plasma

Job Description: Give blood & donate plasma
Pay Scale:

Testing websites

Job Description: Testing websites & other tasks
Pay Scale:

Pet Sitter

Job Description: Walk dogs, talk to cats, and water the bird
Pay Scale:


Job Description: Gold mining & panning
Pay Scale:

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